Industrial car individualization

The two-tone paint trend is here to stay

Our masking applications let you increase productivity without compromising the results.

May 31, 2018

A more integrated and precise masking process

In today's automated, super-efficient factories, painting a car two colors puts real pressure on the OEM assembly line in terms of controlling process times and ensuring reproducible high quality. Based on our extensive industry experience in paint shop projects, we help our customers achieve measureable savings in energy and operating costs – while establishing an impressive and consistent level of quality.

At tesa, we’ve developed a range of reliable solutions for car body and bumper masking applications that provide good adhesion to all surfaces, excellent conformability, and high temperature resistance up to 170°C.

Fineline tapes – For the smooth edges

  • Thin paint edges in visible areas
  • Reliable adhesion to avoid overspray

Roll masker – 2-in-1 solution for fast large-area masking

  • Intelligent product design for cycle time reduction
  • Safe overmasking at high temperatures

Die cuts – For complex contours

  • Masking on difficult shapes and edges
  • Individually designed die cuts with liner slits and other customized features

Paper masking tapes – Economic all-around talents

  • Convenient fastening of overmasking films

Process engineering – For lean applications

  • Innovative tools for safe and efficient application of each masking material (e.g. fineline tape application in door frame areas with closed doors)
  • Lightweight tools for easy roll handling
  • Stationary die-cut dispensers for efficient supply
  • On-site training for effective process implementation
Masking applications
Razor-sharp paint lines