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Identify the perfect combination of interior part and tape

When it comes to design, feel, and quality, today’s consumers expect a lot from the interior of their vehicle. To meet that demand, OEMs and their tier suppliers are incorporating an increasing number of components and styling requirements into a cabin. As a leading global supplier of adhesive solutions, tesa has deep technical expertise in interior mounting applications and offers a broad assortment of mounting and laminating tapes. And thanks to our truly global network and our close collaboration with the automotive industry, we can help improve quality, reduce weight, and generate new efficiencies across the entire production process.

Two easy-to-use online tape advisors to help you find the right product

Interior mounting is a large category and includes a number of different unique applications which each require specific tape characteristics. To help our customers navigate this category, we have divided our related products into two categories: lamination and mounting. Having the perfect combination of interior part and tape is essential for achieving optimal adhesion results on the given substrate, so to find out which tape suits you best, we have created two easy-to-use online tools:

Based on your input of essential parameters, including surface characteristics, surface roughness, material stiffness, weight, and gap size, our Tape Advisors will recommend the ideal double-sided tape to bond parts or laminate substrates.

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