Temporary surface protection for sensitive plastic parts

Peace of mind for even the most sensitive substrates

tesa keeps high quality parts looking their best across the entire value chain.

May 31, 2018

Class A protection for Class A surfaces

When a consumer drives a new car off the lot, they expect it to be in pristine condition. Prior to final delivery, the vehicle has already been exposed to a variety of environmental hazards and potential mishaps which can lead to damage. That’s why the global automotive industry relies on tesa’s temporary surface protection solutions.

Easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove, our protective tapes safeguard interior and exterior parts at every step of the manufacturing, assembly, and delivery process. Thanks to our innovative adhesive chemistry and time-saving application solutions, even the most sensitive substrates – like increasingly popular high-gloss, piano-black, Class A surfaces – hit the road without a blemish.

Superior surface protection
Premium protection for sensitive surfaces (as PMMA)