Application process engineering

Our people are as good as our tape

Meet Clint Bierstetel, MS Mechanical Engineering, one of our Application Process Experts

May 31, 2018

Greater process efficiency starts with me.

With a full-time focus on improving the application of our tapes, I oversee a wide range of lab testing, process evaluation, and field tests for North American OEMs and their tier suppliers. Together with my colleagues in Europe and Asia, I am part of tesa’s global applications team that adds value across the automotive value chain.

I work closely with customers to improve their production processes as it relates to the application of our  tapes. Since every plant is different, we typically begin with a thorough site assessment to identify areas where production efficiency can be optimized. If our customers apply tape manually, we introduce custom applicators that ensure a more efficient, ergonomic process. For automated application processes, we help prototype and trial specialized equipment that fits seamlessly into the production line.

The automotive industry is in motion 24/7/365, so we make sure our customers have the tools, knowledge, and training they need to apply our tapes easily, consistently, and cost effectively.

Areas of expertise: site assessments, custom hand applicators, automated application technology, factory acceptance testing, process improvement, prototyping, quality control, thermodynamics, kinematics, fluid dynamics, strength of materials, FEA, C++, GD&T