Powerful bond. Primerless process.

tesa® ACXplus Primerless - our highest performing line of permanent exterior mounting tapes.

Aug 12, 2019

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tesa® ACXplus Primerless is a high performance tape that delivers a permanent bond from the moment it’s applied. Primer application for attachment part mounting is an expensive, time-consuming, messy, and hazardous process. By eliminating the need for primer in production, you get bottom line benefits from greater efficiency, and a lower total process cost. While other solutions need hours to days to achieve ultimate performance, tesa® ACXplus reaches a near-ultimate peel adhesion level on most substrates within the first minute after application. 

Our ACXplus line of tapes also offers a more environmentally-friendly production to help you meet stricter environmental standards and provide healthier working conditions for your employees. 

Features and Benfits

  • High initial performance on LSE plastics and difficult-to-bond clear coats without primer
  • Superior peel-adhesion level directly after application
  • Excellent bonding stability in both low and high temperatures
  • Efficient and robust application
  • Viscoelastic acrylic foam core to compensate for different thermal elongation of bonded parts
  • Outstanding wet-out property
  • High humidity and UV resistance


  • Aeroflaps
  • Body side molding
  • Brake light spoilers
  • Door edge molding
  • Emblems
  • Roof ditch trim
  • Boot molding
  • Bumpers
  • Pillar appliqués
  • Sills
  • Roof rails
  • Shark fin antennas

tesa® ACXplus 778XX

This triple-layer symmetrically designed double-sided acrylic foam tape was engineered especially for automotive exterior attachment part mounting. Coated on both sides with LSE adhesive, it offers high initial performance on LSE plastics – as well as on difficult-to-bond OEM clear coats. And thanks to its viscoelastic acrylic foam core, tesa® ACXplus 778XX has the ability to absorb and dissipate dynamic and static loads.


tesa® ACXplus 777XX

Especially developed for applications in the automotive industry to securely bond exterior attachment parts to the easy-to-bond car body, tesa® ACXplus 777XX is a unique double-layer asymmetrically designed product, coated on one side with LSE adhesive for high initial performance on LSE plastics.