Twinlock Printers ROI Blog Post

Speeding ROI for flexographic printers: tesa® Twinlock

Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the most significant numbers for any printing business. When you’ve invested the money on equipment, staff, and other resources to make your operation successful, it’s only natural to want a return on that investment as soon as possible.

But we all recognize the reality that our investments don’t always come back as fast as we’d like. In fact, for the printing industry, ROI can take years. That’s especially true for a traditional setup – a sleeve/cylinder + tape + plate approach. For those print jobs, changing the adhesive is a must for every run. In fact, across the printing industry, seeing ROI can take time – especially when considering the cost of a traditional setup and the cost to upkeep sleeves/cylinder and tape and the plate mount.

And that gets costly… in time and money.

What if we told you seeing a more responsive ROI could be achievable? And A LOT quicker!

What if there was a reusable mounting sleeve that your operators could use for printing jobs?

Well… there is.

Introducing tesa® Twinlock

tesa® Twinlock is the solution for print jobs, guaranteeing a quicker ROI.

It’s a reusable, self-adhesive, and compressible plate mounting sleeve that’s one of a kind – and it’s the latest innovative solution for the flexographic printing market.

Some of its outstanding features include:

  • Adhesion that knows (almost) no end – With its specially-treated polymer, tesa® Twinlock’s adhesive coating holds tackiness practically endlessly.
  • An enduring life span – Thanks to that stickiness, a tesa® Twinlock sleeve can be used over and over and over again. Seriously. It just needs to be taken care of well, and it will perform well for many years.
  • Consistent and reproducible print quality tesa® Twinlock’s open cell structure helps it absorb bounce and creates reliable quality that lasts for the long haul. With that kind of consistency, operators rarely have to make on-press adjustments.
  • Sustainability with the planet in mind – Reusability eliminates the need for mounting tape – and keeps solid waste out of the landfill. 

How does tesa® Twinlock Bring a Faster ROI?

We asked our customers what they would consider a good ROI for a technology like this – and they’ve told us they’d expect it typically in two years. If it’s under two years, they’ve said it’s a product worth considering. 

Let’s look at some data supplied by an actual customer.

They sent us the repeats they run the most to consider how many sleeves the company used per job, and what the repeat actually was — including the actual print width and number of times the job would run annually.

This particular customer has a repeat that runs 558 times each year. They’d expect a typical ROI to come back within two years.  

When they replaced their traditional printing setup with tesa® Twinlock, the cost savings added up to a hefty $286,264… an ROI of less than two months!

How’s that for a faster return?

To get a return like this, of course, depends on your printing setup, but the potential to maximize ROI is there when you choose this reusable mounting sleeve.