Let It Bloom


With our professional tips, flower decorations will be even more fun. These practical and effective tricks are guaranteed to make your bouquets blossom.


We’ve all been there: You prepare roses for a vase arrangement, don’t pay attention – and one of the sensitive stems snaps off! The only remedy is to put the damaged rose in an extra-small vase. However, with our tip, this will no longer be a problem in the future. Simply grab your tesafilm®, tear off a piece and wrap it around the damaged stem, thus splinting it. It also works very well for sunflowers!


First Aid

Short instructions for the "first aid" for roses and many more ideas are available here:

First Aid – Snapped off flowers are no longer a problem: With a piece of tesafilm®, the stem can easily be splinted.

Strong hold for delicate flowers

It may be quite tricky to arrange flowers in vases with wide openings. You usually need quite a bunch, because otherwise the single flowers will constantly fall apart or not stay in place. Since very few of us have great skill in tying a bouquet, we usually buy ready-made bouquets. Which from time to time is certainly a nice alternative, but in the long run it costs a fortune. Our tip – do it like the professionals: Use tesafilm® to create a grid with approx. 2 cm spacing across the vase opening. This way, the stems can simply be inserted into the gaps and remain perfectly in place.

The Vase Trick – Simply create a grid made of adhesive tape across vases with large openings. This way, the flowers stay in place.
"Very often, small tricks can make a big difference: I particularly like to arrange delicate wildflowers with the vase trick – it saves time and money."
Alexandra Beck-Berge

DIY Expert


Complete instructions and many more ideas are available here: