tesa Employees

Highest quality standards for both products and people

We continuously improve our level of knowledge within the group to offer best services and support at our customers, covering our core tape applications “Plate Mounting” and “Splicing”.

1 Aug 2016

For us at tesa, quality is a multi-faceted approach. Of course, we strive for highest quality in our raw materials, internal processes, and final products. But in addition, we also strive for highest quality service brought to you by our worldwide sales team. We are proud of our dedicated sales team of printing experts around the globe and we continuously improve our level of knowledge within the group to offer best services and support at our customers.
Being a new member of the tesa family means several training weeks at our headquarters in Hamburg (Germany), learning all the basics about the company and about self-adhesive tape. Training sessions especially tailored to the specific job description follow, one of them being our PWP (Print and Web Processing) training for all new sales colleagues. The training includes both the Flexo and the Paper and Print industry, covering our core tape applications “Plate Mounting” and “Splicing”.
And although one could say that after all these training sessions and after the extensive work experience which most colleagues have, people have already reached a good level of knowledge, we do not stop there.
We frequently organize international meetings to exchange and to increase knowledge. We continuously improve communication to reach all individual colleagues with updates and insights and we change internal structures when it becomes necessary, always striving for the best possible service level for our customers.
One more example of our high focus on training and exchange is our Flexo training at the DFTA (German Flexo Association) in Stuttgart, Germany, which was especially developed for and in close cooperation with us.
Here, our by then already highly qualified sales colleagues have the chance to even further immerse themselves in the subject matter. Deep insights are delivered on Flexo essentials such as plate making, plate cleaning, plate mounting, machine set-up, trouble shooting, as well as actual printing, followed by print sample evaluation, discussing all influencing factors. And as you know, Flexo has many. Again, “quality” is our core topic. We want to understand what is good print quality for you, our customer, and how can we help you to achieve it.
This is our target – to offer you quality you can rely on in more ways than one.
And we have to admit, a nice side effect of our international teamwork, our communication, meetings, and training sessions, is that it is actually great fun to work in such a highly motivated and ever-improving global team.
And that is what our products and people stand for – great to work with.