tesa SE Impresses with Its Sleek Bonding Technology

Design, technology, processing, and cost-effectiveness – adhesive tapes enable the building industry to achieve significant improvements in these areas.

The Benefits of Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape solutions are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry. The benefits: frustrating drying times are eliminated, processing is simplified, and the high degree of stability results in flawless, lasting functionality. This means high-quality aesthetics, innovative design, and high technological standards can be achieved – quickly, cleanly, and safely.

As a recognized expert when it comes to professional industrial adhesive tapes, tesa SE had showcased a wide array of product-specific solutions for the construction industry. Our double-side tesa ® ACXplus adhesive tapes allow the industry to rethink of design, technology, processing, and cost-effectiveness in many areas thanks to its robust technical properties.

In addition to its ease of use and strong adhesion even on critical surfaces, the product line’s special attributes include its noise absorption and its ability to protect against dust, dirt, and moisture. tesa ® ACXplus products can also offset stresses caused by static and dynamic forces. This is often a significant criteria in relation to windows, doors, and facades in particular.

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Rethinking Design

This is illustrated by the window concept jointly developed by tesa SE and the HOMAG Group. The innovative wood and aluminum system is based on tesa SE’s adhesive tape technology. The insulating glass is firmly bonded with the wood. What’s special here is that the tesa ® ACXplus is applied to the raw wood prior to it being coated. The result is an optimized manufacturing process, greater production flexibility, and more sleek designs.

HOMAG window
HOMAG frame equipped with ACXplus
Two window frames equipped with tesa® ACXplus 7078

HOMAG window

HOMAG frame equipped with ACXplus

Two window frames equipped with tesa ® ACXplus 7078

The appearance of light and clear transparency are also in demand in the area of modern partitioning systems. tesa SE developed a complete system for the (invisible) bonding of such elements. This allows for the bubble-free application of glass to glass and of glass to aluminum. Alongside high stability and effective shock absorption, the benefits include attributes like the reliable sealing of noise, moisture, and dirt.

tesa SE also developed an innovative mounting system for facade bracing. Thanks to the adhesive tapes within the tesa ® ACXplus line significant advancement can be achieved in this area in terms of stability, and design in comparison to liquid adhesives and conventional mechanical mounting systems.

Another innovation featured on was the developments in the area of attaching interior wall panels. These developments mean even transparent materials can be bonded invisibly. Additional attributes include excellent noise and shock absorption, good sealing, and a reduced risk of corrosion. The adhesive tapes are ideal for bonding various materials thanks to their stable bonding properties, their durability, and their instant adhesion to all sorts of different materials.

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Interior wall panels brings out a different effect on how the space and place look and feel, complementing the design and making it more appealing and unique. Many designers choose wall cladding to add a design style to the interior due to its varying features and design.

Other than enhancing the design, feature wall cladding also offers other benefits such as waterproofing with excellent resistance to winds, rain and sunlight which helps to act as an additional protective layer for buildings.

To learn more about tesa ® ACXplus contact us at 1800 226 851 or fill in the enquiry form below.

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