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Our Focus – Our Customers

We aim to offer products which have the lowest possible impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

Enabling our customers' sustainability goals

Environmentally Friendly From the Outset

Just like us, our customers are on their way to a more sustainable future. With our innovative product solutions, we want to enable our customers to make technological advances and an active contribution towards sustainable technologies. The foundation for achieving our goals is to incorporate sustainability right from the product development stage. Decisions which are made at the outset will already have a major influence on how sustainable our products are.


This includes weighing up the pros and cons of various raw materials. The use of recycled and biobased raw materials      plays a particularly important role in the product selection, just as choosing the right product goes hand in hand with a lower carbon footprint. In the future, we plan to use more of these kinds of raw materials. We are also committed to further reducing the use of solvents and therefore increasing the amount of solvent-free manufactured products. We also avoid using scarce raw materials and those that cause an excessive burden on the environment during the extraction process.

Centrifuge for plastic granules

Sustainable procurement of wood and paper.

Together with FSC®, we support sustainable forestry. Look for the FSC® certification on our products.

New Lease on Life Given to Old Products

What happens to tesa’s products after they have fulfilled their purpose? The end of a product’s life is no less important than its beginning. After all, if the product or its individual components can be recycled or reused, then resources can be saved elsewhere. To achieve this, the end of a product’s life is already considered in the early stages of development, and we are investing into further research on this topic.

The motto, “reduce, reuse, recycle,” is what drives us on our quest to create a circular economy. This means that less material is used from the outset, more is reused, and ultimately recycled. Doing business according to these principles helps us save resources.

Recycled and natural.

Under the sub-brand tesa ecoLogo, we offer adhesive rollers, adhesive films, packing tape, glue sticks, and correction rollers which are manufactured largely out of recycled or natural materials. For the tesa ecoLogo range, the products are manufactured without any solvents and are predominantly made from biomaterials and recycled packaging.

We are on a sustainable mssion with our customers

More Sustainability For Our Customers

In order to support our customers on their journey towards becoming more sustainable, we are developing efficient adhesive solutions which help them to reduce their CO2 emissions and avoid waste. Our solutions also ensure that our customers’ products can be more easily recycled or repaired.

Creating Change With Our Products

Whether our customers are involved in manufacturing, e-mobility or wind and solar energy, we enable our customers to do business more efficiently while promoting sustainable technologies. This is no coincidence: We proactively take our customers’ needs into account and figure out how we can support their sustainability goals in our own development and manufacturing processes.

Intelligent recycling.

We have developed Twinlock, a product which conserves resources during a process known as flexography, for our printing customers. It is used, for example, for printing onto packaging. tesa Twinlock is an alternative to assembled printing plates and requires no adhesive tape at all. Instead, the printing plate is directly applied to the coated tesa Twinlock Sleeve and can later be removed without a problem. It’s ready for the next application – as simple as that. Why is it important? Multiple use and eliminating additional adhesives saves emissions that would otherwise occur during transport and disposal.

Mounting Plate Twinlock
Driving flyweight

Driving flyweight.

As a rule, the lighter a vehicle is, the lower fuel consumption tends to be – and therefore also the CO2 emissions. Designers in the automotive industry realized this long ago and launched the shift towards reduction by implementing the concept of light construction. This is a particularly key factor in sectors such as e-mobility. We are actively doing our part to drive this development forward: Our adhesive tapes, for example, help to close holes in a car’s bodywork. Compared to conventional plugs, which are often used for this purpose, our adhesive tape solutions are up to 85 percent lighter.

Repair rather than discard.

We also support our customers to close cycles by using products such as tesa Bond & Detach. When smartphones are damaged or no longer needed, they are usually difficult to break down into their individual components. The tesa Bond & Detach products make it possible to attach components, such as batteries, to stay in place permanently. If necessary, they can also be easily removed without leaving any residues behind. This allows the electronic components to be swapped, disposed of properly, or reused. 


Renewable energies.

Our adhesive solutions also support the production of solar modules and wind turbines, and, in turn, the energy generation of the future. Among other solutions, we offer applications for frame and socket adhesion as well as cell and cable attachments for the manufacturers of solar energy systems. These solutions are weather resistant and therefore ensure that the systems operate longer.

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