Product Development

Product Development

The customer as a partner

Knowing Customers’ Needs

We work closely with our customers; for example in the printing industry.

When it comes to laying cable sets among automotive manufacturers, mobile phone production at big electronics conglomerates, or printing processes in the printing and paper industry, tesa’s product developers know their customers’ production processes intimately.

They are constantly at work on developing products for optimised processes. Additional product innovations are aimed at the end-customer market. The company is also making a push to enter new markets such as the medical technologies sector.
The work carried out by our product developers includes planning, execution and review of all project activities that are necessary in order to develop new or optimised products or system solutions, launch new products on the market, or optimise products and processes.
To achieve this, an extensive understanding of customers’ needs is just as important as close cooperation with research colleagues in the other divisions.

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