We are constantly working on new and optimised adhesive masses

Component Development

The foundations of new products

Knowledge of Materials and Processes

Alongside outstanding knowledge of the market, the success of a new development also depends, first and foremost, on excellent knowledge of materials and processes.
The use of innovative materials and/or production processes is very frequently the key to providing innovative, groundbreaking product solutions.

To that end, tesa’s staff of scientists, laboratory researchers and engineers is constantly at work on further developing the technology platforms that have been developed at tesa. They focus in particular on the new and further development of a broad spectrum of adhesives.

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New Adhesives and Innovative Technology

Natural Rubber is just one of very many possible ingredients that make the perfect tape
Natural Rubber is just one of very many possible ingredients that make the perfect tape

New polymerisation processes and formulations enable successful use of self-adhesive tapes in more and more new fields. A broad spectrum of backing materials and innovative special coatings is constantly expanding the possibilities for use of these technologies.
The establishment of completely new technologies, such as the development of innovative adhesives that are solvent-free and therefore more environmentally friendly, is a particular challenge.

Teamwork: Fertile Ground for Creative New Ideas

Our aim in this respect is, in particular, to ensure that the company can remain competitive in the long term. Early recognition of material and technology trends is equally important to this as is effective cooperation with the Process Development and Product Development divisions.

The interaction among employees from various departments as well as various professions frequently offers fertile ground for creative new ideas.

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