tesa® 54336 flexible and temperature resistant

Precision die cuts for permanent hole covering applications with corrosion issue

Product description

tesa® 54336 is a strong PET with an extra thick adhesive layer. The product is optimized for the automotive industry to cover unused holes that require excellent sealing properties in combination with good temperature resistance.

• Ensures a reliable corrosion protection as e.g. the punch burrs will be securely sealed by 400µm adhesive layer
• Excellent temperature resistance up to 190°C extends the flexibility in the manufacturing process,
e.g. PVC and/ or paint oven drying processes
• Good paint and UBC (PVC) compatibility
• Secure adhesion on painted substrates and on reinforced plastic substrates in automotive lightweight constructions

Application Fields

tesa® 54336 is especially designed for interior and exterior hole covering applications at the assembly line or even at the paint shop area to protect exposed punch burrs against corrosion in combination with the freedom to decide when and where the holes are covered during the manufacturing process.

• After e-coat where a good compatibility to UBC (PVC) and sealant is required,
e.g. car body platform, wheel houses, engine compartment
• Before paint shop where good paint compatibility is essential
• At the assembly line for exterior and interior Hole Covering on all car body areas, e.g. pillars, rocker, front/rear floor

Product Construction

Type of adhesive modified acrylic
Type of liner PE-coated paper
Total thickness 450 µm
Backing material PET
Color black

Properties / Performance Values

Puncture resistance 440 N

Additional Info

tesa® 54336 can be supplied as die cuts in roll or sheets individually to customer specific dimensions

tesa’s automation and application solution department provides customized equipment and self-designed application tools to enhance productivity.
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