tesa® 6056

Semi-automatic bench dispenser

Product description

tesa® 6056 is a bench dispenser with pre-set length control and electromagnetic cross-cutter. It is universally applicable for nearly all kinds of tesa® self-adhesive tapes up to 50 mm width, particularly cloth and paper tapes. Even difficult to cut materials are cut perfectly. Due to the electromagnetic triggered transverse blade a smooth clean cut is achieved.

Application Fields

The desired strip length is set on the measuring scale on the left-hand side of the dispenser in a range from 30 to 150 mm. The tesa® tape is unrolled by hand until the measuring roller prevents further tape to be dispensed. By pulling the tape gently downwards, the electromagnetic cross cutter is trigged via a microswitch. The desired strip is automatically cut for use. A single movement of the hand is, therefore, sufficient for unrolling, cutting and removing a tesa® strip of predetermined length. For strip longer than 150 mm, the measuring roller is switched to continuous operation. The tesa® automatic dispenser 6056 is equipped with a control unit to adjust the impact force of the electromagnetic cutter. Set a lower impact force for tapes which are easy to cut, such as filmic tapes of smaller widths, to minimize impact noise and dispenser strain.

Properties / Performance Values

Application purpose multifunctional
Core diameter 3
Length presetting up to 30-150 mm
Max. roll diameter 180 mm
Mode of drive automatic
Roll width max. 50 mm
Weight 5500 g
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