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New tesa®4313 - Renewable, responsible, recyclable

The new tesa® 4313 Premium Packaging Tape with Paper from Sustainable Resources is designed to address the increasing relevance of sustainability. As more and more goods are delivered directly to the doorstep, packaging solutions play an important role in communicating a company’s efforts to use natural and renewable resources. Packaging tapes in particular are highly visible and can contribute significantly to the first impression.

tesa® 4313 Premium Packaging Tape
tesa® 4313 Premium Packaging Tape

The paper based premium packaging tape tesa® 4313 is a unique product in the market in terms of performance. It has unsurpassed technical properties and is perfect for sealing light and medium-weight cartons (max. 20 kg). It can be applied with manual and automatic dispensers and has excellent adhesion on recycled cardboard. tesa® 4313 can be printed with all types of ink and is therefore ideal for brand showcasing and advertising purposes. 

The new certification for the paper is an excellent addition to these technical properties. It confirms that the tesa® 4313 is made with paper from well-managed certified forests and other controlled sources. It is also chlorine-free and uses a solvent-free synthetic rubber adhesive. After use, the premium packaging tape can be disposed together with the box in the blue bin without endangering the recycling process of the carboard and thus contributing to the circular economy.

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Two Types Of tesa® 4313 Premium Packaging Tape

The new tesa® 4313 premium packaging tape is available with two different coating weights and consequently two different peel adhesions. Both tesa® 4313 PV10 and tesa® 4313 PV12 are unique products in the market. They are characterized by strong tack on a wide variety of different carton qualities and excellent tensile strength. The premium packaging tapes are available in brown and white.

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We Help Your Business to Be Sustainable

The new tesa® 4313 can help your company to use environmentally friendly materials with consistently high quality. As an innovative, sustainable product, it integrates seamlessly into your production process and helps you to achieve the prescribed sustainability goals. And your customers will also be impressed by the proactive approach to sustainability taken by your company – a brand value that is set to become much more important in the future.

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