Build booths faster with tesa® 5939 White Carpet Tape

In trade show construction, speed is of the essence. That's why tesa has developed a new removable adhesive tape that makes laying carpets even easier and faster. The double-sided tesa® 5939 White Carpet Tape can significantly speed up the setup and dismantling of exhibition stands – and you'll be ready for the next trade show even more quickly!


Safety is another aspect that plays a major role in trade show construction. To prevent the dangerous lifting and slipping of carpets, the new tesa® 5939 has a flexible but strong fabric backing and high adhesive strength which ensure a secure hold. The white carpet tape is also hand-tearable and can therefore be laid safely without a knife.

Of course, the pricing also matters. tesa® 5939 White Carpet Tape combines a competitive price tag with properties that make it perfect for trade fair construction: It boasts very good initial adhesion to a wide range of substrates and can be removed without residue after up to 14 days at room temperature.

Characteristics of tesa® 5939 White Carpet Tape


tesa® 5939 consists of a highly durable 190 µm PET-cloth backing and a powerful synthetic rubber adhesive system. With these characteristics, it is ideal for temporary and even for permanent carpet laying. The white carpet tape can, however, also be used for industrial applications like splicing and the mounting of lightweight parts and materials.

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