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Blue Transparent Solutions for Appliances Makers

Many appliance manufacturers push across boundaries and develop new appliances with features we have never seen in the past. As a leading supplier to these major manufacturers and OEMs, we offer a various range of adhesive tape solutions to support their innovative ideas.

24 Feb 2017

Strapping tapes are one of the most common use adhesive solution for the appliance market. It is very important for manufacturers to find the right strapping tape for their needs. By using the right strapping tape, it ensures that their goods will arrived at the customer place in absolutely perfect condition and with no residual when the tapes are removed.

Our strapping tapes have always been with a MOPP (Mono-axially Oriented Polypropylene) or soft-MOPP film backing. This film backing provides vital features that are suitable for transport securing. 


High Tensile Strength

Greater tensile strength leads to safer transportation of the goods, as the tape can withstand longer forces without snapping. This is especially important when transporting heavy goods.


Lower Elongation

Lower elongation means that the tapes are not flexible, thus they will not stretch easily and lose its strength during the transportation process. When a tape stretches, it means that the product parts will not be held in place securely, thus it may slip. When this happen, the product could be damage, especially during the course of transportation.

tesa® 64294 is a tensilised polypropylene strapping tape with a special natural rubber adhesive system from our assortment. We have extended this anti-shredding tape with a new blue-translucent color to provide more offering to our customers.


This new color allow the appliances manufacturers to display their products elegantly and aesthetically in their showroom. The design of these new appliances can be showcase to its fullest as the trace of the use of tape will be minimal.

Tape Benefits

  • Proven adhesive with great performance
  • Excellent low temperature compatibility
  • Provides a secure bond to various surfaces
  • Can be removed without adhesive residue or delamination at low temperature down to -10°C. 


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