Production Operator

Location:  USA, Newburyport MA

Function:  Production

This non-exempt position has progressive responsibility for supporting the Production Department. In this role, he/she has designated responsibilities based on proven experience and designated work assignments. He/she has basic responsibilities to fulfill assigned demands as set forth by the Production Supervisor as appointed by the Production Manager. He/she is responsible for completing production related activities while achieving or exceeding the quality, safety, production, and continuous improvement goals.  He/she is responsible for work safety and good manufacturing practices.

Principal Accountabilities/Main functions
  • Uphold and follow company safety, environmental and quality standards and procedures.
  • Inform leadership/management about all incidents, accidents, and near misses within 24 hours after the incident occurs.
  • Separate, clearly mark, and communicate defective material or material that is not properly labeled, identifiable, or does not fulfill other quality requirements.
  • Clearly communicate all necessary information (e.g., safety, quality, machine settings, and experiences difficulties) to next shift.
  • Actively participate in continuous improvement projects.
  • Perform routine cleaning and maintenance of equipment, shop floor, and plant.
  • Work in a group concept; self-motivated; and able and willing to work cross-functionally.
  • Take the initiative, respond immediately to problems, and take a proactive approach.
  • Be honest, reliable, embrace diversity, be transparent, be team oriented.
  • Be accountable for your actions, be positive, and recognize the impact of your behavior.
  • Know and follow all laws, rules, and policies that apply to one’s job and maintain the highest levels of professionalism, ethics and compliance at all times.
  • Diligently participate in compliance programs and or related activities as denoted by supervisor or manager.

Job Specific Responsibilities:

Production Operator I
  • Proven ability to operate 1 qualifying converting workstations and or 1 mixing and or 1 coating machine.
  • Proven ability to accurately complete paperwork and enter data as required.
  • Proven ability to carry out production tasks, inspection, and appropriate operations.
  • Proven ability to effectively monitor and communicate equipment errors.
  • Proven ability to communicate across shifts.

Hiring Requirements:

Ability to:
  • Define problems, collect data, establish facts and present challenges to leadership.
  • Work in a fast-paced environment, while being able to make sound decisions.
  • Complete reports and correspondence. 
  • Read and understand work orders to determine production specifications for assigned shift.
  • Follow established formulas and SOPs for preparing batches of material for mixers.
  • Identify issues and take actions to resolve.
  • When in doubt of mechanical, quality or safety, stop and ask shift supervisor for assistance.

Physical Requirements:
  • Repetitive reaching overhead, under and across throughout shift.
  • Repetitive bending, stooping and twisting throughout shift.
  • Physical and mental ability to work 40+ hours per week and stand 8 hours per shift.
  • Able to lift frequently a minimum of 55 pounds and, potentially, pass a physical examination.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • High school diploma or GED, preferred.
  • Ability to read, write, and communicate, as well as perform basic math and basic computer knowledge.

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Do you think tesa?

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