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Our new fire certificate: Driven by safe train journeys

tesafix® 4965 adhesive tape helps to ensure certified fire protection in railway vehicles.


Any great travel experience starts with passenger safety

Whether it’s going to work or on a trip with the family, train travel is in increasing demand. Passenger safety is quintessential for a great travel experience. That is why we take fire safety guidelines very serious by meeting the demands of rail vehicle manufacturers and ensuring carefree train journeys. Our adhesive tapes are often used in components that provide travel comfort such as the seats, wall claddings, and displays.

Introducing our new fire-certified tesafix® 4965 adhesive tape

We believe there can be no cutting corners when safety is concerned. That’s why we heavily invest in testing and developing fire protection tape for the railway vehicle industry. tesafix® 4965, our latest fire-certified tape is the first of its range. tesafix® 4965 is a transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PET backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive. Thanks to its outstanding technical properties this extensively tested adhesive tape fulfils all the requirements of DIN EN 45545-2 R1 and HL3, the highest hazard level. The tests involved are as follows:

  • Heat release
  • Smoke generation (smoke density and toxicity)
  • Lateral flame spread (speed of burning)

The outcome is an efficient and certified fire protection for interior and exterior applications in railway vehicles – this even applies for double-decker vehicles operated underground or in tunnels.

Full power ahead: efficient and permanent tape mounting

This transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape is suitable for a wide range of applications in the railway sector and helps ensure easy and efficient assembling jobs. This includes quick mounting of ABS parts, application of rubber and EPDM profiles, as well as bonding of moldings, signs and aluminum sheets, and even bonding to LSE surfaces. In addition, our tesafix® 4965 adhesive tape is perfect for the most demanding applications such as heavy stress, high temperatures up to 200°C or critical substrates. The tape’s robust MOPP liner prevents tearing when removed, optimizing the production process – with immediate usability after assembly.

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Together, we are always on track

We are continuously investing in the testing and evaluation of our adhesive tape solutions. We are committed to partnering with our customers to learn, gather and share know-how with the mission to build on this expertise. Together we can create product profiles that are suitable for hazardous situations and meet both local and regional regulations for a more efficient and safer railway industry.