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Assembly Kit for Door Panel Mounting

We make door panel mounting for leaf-concealing front doors more efficient.

Everything together. Instantly ready to go. Aesthetic results. With these goals, we have developed our new assembly kit for door manufacturers – it contains all materials necessary to efficiently bond a leaf-concealing door panel with a frame.

From the abrasive fleece over protective gloves to the adhesive tape tesa® ACXplus 707x: all required materials are included. This provides the user with a complete, neatly packaged and easy to handle assembly kit, which can be used flexibly, quickly and safely.

The use of the tesa® adhesive tape technology eliminates inconvenient drying times, the process is simple, and at the same time the structure is just as stable as a conventionally built front door. The work process is significantly faster than that of liquid adhesives, and there is no need for subsequent work such as the tedious, time-consuming removal of adhesive residues. Operational efficiency increases.

Order a free assembly kit, and use adhesive tape on your next door panel mounting project!

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