Process Development Engineer

Локація:  United States, Sparta, MI

Рівень:  Професіонали

Функція:  Виробництво

Резюме вакансії

The Process Development Engineer will have responsibility for products within plant Sparta in terms of quality, efficiency and optimization of new and existing products on all production steps. This individual will also transfer new tesa products to the production scale using existing, adapted or new production facilities and technologies in plant Sparta in cooperation with international marketing and R&D, as well as production. The Process Development Engineer is also responsible for the optimization of Sparta production processes on the basis of own initiatives or on occasion of quality, safety and efficiency. 

Ваша відповідальність

  • Responsibility for a dedicated product assortment in plant Sparta: The job holder is responsible for the save, quality orientated and cost efficient production on his dedicated product assortment including semi-finished products and raw materials.
  • Project management: The job holder is the designated core team member in in tesa product development for tPSp projects according to the tesa project guide process. This concerns in particular the definition and alignment of the time plan, of production concepts, the creation of ICP cost calculations, raw material, semi finished products and finished products specifications and the evaluation and decisions regarding the next steps within the project work. He acts as a project manager or team member
  • Initiation of production trials: The job holder initiates production trail based on a risk assessment for safety and quality in alignment with other responsible functions with focus on process parameter and process equipment. He is responsible for the approval of a production trial of his assortment, the costs for production trials and he is responsible for the release of material produced under new process parameters and materials.
  • Execution of production trials: The job holder executes production trials in alignment with other functions as R&D and production. He will then be responsible for safety, design, deadlines and costs. He provides and stores relevant product samples, he takes the lead to evaluate the production trial parameter and sample properties and costs. He documents the results in the trial reports, in the project directory and in the trial reports and communicates the results.
  • Continuous improvement process: The job holder takes over a leading role in the continuous improvement process, i.e. he plans, aligns, executes and documents measures to optimize the production process, in particular regarding quality, raw materials, efficiency improvements and waste reduction
  • Failure management: The job holder contributes to the TOP and 8D process regarding quality deviations within the Sparta production process. He is responsible for the failure management regarding raw materials complaints in the productions. He is authorized to stop the production in case of serious quality concerns. The job holder is authorized to release not conformant raw materials, semi finished product and finished products based on a risk assessment in alignment with other relevant functions.
  • Failure prevention: The job holder is responsible for the definition and implementation of the control plan including the definition of the limit of statistical process control (SPC) control charts.
  • Tools and methods: The job holder is responsible for the selection and effective application of tools and methods with respect to scientific standards. Methods to be considered are in particular quality techniques such as STC, SPC, statistical experimental design, quality control plans, Ishikawa-diagram, Pareto analysis, risk assessments.
  • Systematical data analysis and documentation: The job holder defines the content of databases and systems regarding the properties of raw material, intermediate and finished products. He analyzes the data provides be QA and other functions (quality records, production data, ...), documents and communicates the results.
  • Consulting: The job holder provides knowledge regarding processes and production in form of written reports and gives input into projects and capital expenditures to enhance safety, quality and globally competitive production.
  • Network: Participation in expert teams within the tesa technology network and exchange with sister plants.
  • Enforces all legal, quality, plant and company rules with special emphasis on safety, environment and quality according to IATF 16949 standards
  • Work closely together with production, quality, scheduling, R&D and marketing on the above-mentioned tasks.
 Special Responsibilities (internal, external): 
  • In the case of safety defects and quality problems, the job holder is authorized to stop production on the relevant machine.
  • The job holder is authorized to issue instructions to the machine crews regarding the direct execution of the tests, e.g. he gives the approval to production trial orders.
  • The position holder is authorized to order raw material without NARTs
  • The position holder is authorized to decide regarding non conformant raw materials , semi finished products and finished products in alignment with existing rules and relevant functions.
  • The position holder is authorized to extract and transport samples for tesa functions outside the plant e.g. to customers.

Вимоги щодо найму

Minimum Qualifications:

  • BS in Electrical, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering or comparable directly related work experience of min five (5) years.
  • Distinctive process engineering knowledge in the areas of mass production, coating and packaging desirable.
  • Must have good team work, as well as verbal and written communication skills
  • Must be computer literate and able to work with Microsoft Office and other programs
  • Must be available and able to travel to other locations, including foreign travel.
  • ISO/TS 16949 and/or IATF knowledge helpful.
  • Knowledge and experience with design of experiment methods, FMEA and SPC
 Skill in:
  • Well-developed project management, problem-solving, and leadership skills
  • Well-developed communication skills for different audiences and in conflict situations; team player
  • Prioritizes work based on short and long term objectives, self-organized
 Ability to:
  • Evaluate complex data and draw conclusions
  • Work in a fast-paced environment, while being able to make sound decisions.
  • Work in a group concept; self-motivated; and able and willing to work cross-functional
  • Take the initiative, respond immediately to problems, and take a proactive approach.
  • Be honest, reliable, respect diversity, be transparent, be team oriented.
  • Be accountable for own actions, be positive, and recognize the impact of own behavior.
  • Work with safety, quality, and customer in mind.

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