Lab Manager

Локація:  USA, Sparta, MI

Рівень:  Професіонали

Функція:  Дослідження та розробки

Резюме вакансії

Reporting to the Director of R&D, the Lab Manager will have responsibility for: independent planning, coordination accomplishment, interpretation and documentation of product development and product support activities for s/s tPP products, mainly but not exclusive regarding the assortment produced in Sparta. The Lab Manager will also provide support to Application Solution Engineers, Marketing and Sales by providing physical tests as well as the interpretation of test results of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes from tesa and competitors.

Ваша відповідальність

  1. New Product Development and Product-Support activities
    The job holder plans and coordinates the product development and support activities according to the tesa Design Standards. (S)He arranges and supports the process implementation until the product is ready for production. (S)He contributes to on-time development, according to the demand profile and within the planned costs. (S)He conducts customer visits to validate development results. Together with marketing (s)he develops product-, development- and assortment-strategies and transfers them. (S)He is core team member or project manager for development activities and is responsible for the documentation and interpretation of development results.

  2. Support of product assortment
    (S)he provides support to the regional plants regarding 2nd supplier projects, continuous improvement (efficiency, material yield), product transfers and supply security.

  3. Personnel Management
    (S)he manages the lab personnel. (S)He assures compliance to policy and practice that maintains a work environment guided by safety, environmental and quality standards. This includes the development of product components, recipes and production process.

  4. Application Solution Engineering
    The job holder is responsible for the ttNA application lab. (S)He supports Marketing and Sales by providing thorough and complete technical reports to be used at end customers.

  5. Personnel Training
    The job holder is responsible for the personnel and professional development of the lab personnel

  6. Test Equipment
    The job holder is responsible for the selection and maintenance of test equipment within the lab. (S)He supervises the planning and execution of the necessary calibration and gauge capability.
  7. Professional Qualification:
    The job holder maintains contact to the academic community by:
    1. Tracking of relevant literature, patents, etc.
    2. Participation at seminars and conferences
    3. Maintaining contact with raw material suppliers, colleges and research institutes

Вимоги щодо найму

  1. M.S. in Chemistry/Material Science, PhD degree preferred
  2. More than three (3) years of leadership experience within the industrial industry. Experience within the adhesive's industry is desirable.
  3. Must possess the ability to work in a multi-disciplinary, international team environment.
  4. Ability to travel up to 40%, including both domestic and international trips

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Чи мислите Ви як tesa?

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