표면보호용 테이프

실내인테리어 또는 실외표면의 손상 및 오염을 최소화 할 수 있도록 제작된 표면보호용필름 테이프입니다.

Protect the vehicle inside and out from dirt and scratches during the conversion process and during transportation temporarily or permanently by using tesa® surface protection films.

Our interior surface protection films bond to both smooth and rough surfaces and display very good paint anchorage properties, so paint drops won’t run off the tape. They also protect any delicate trim from any accidental scratches that may be caused by tools or even the engineers watch strap.

Make sure you deliver the vehicle in showroom condition with no scratches or environmental dirt by protecting the painted surface with our exterior surface protection film tesa® Bodyguard 50530. Proven, reliable and secure protection during transportation can save on expensive re-polishing or repair and prevent delays in delivering to your customer.

Tapes for surface protection