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tesa ® 54140 UV Strips

UV Strips

Product description

tesa ® 54140 UV Strips is a multilayer photosensitive die-cut. tesa ® 54140 is made of a UV photosensitive polymer film, a PET single sided self adhesive backing and an flat-back release paper. tesa ® 54140 needs to come with a Hoenle UV Scan for precise determination of colour change and thus determination of exposed UV dosage.

tesa ® 54140 features especially:
  • High sensitivity to UVC and UVB light
  • Very good adhesion on paper and filmic substrates
  • Low product thickness
  • Flexible product design

The innovative tape composition includes the following functions:
  • Colour changing photosensitive detection film (change
  • from transparent to pink colour after exposure)
  • Easy to fix properties makes it usable even at vertical web paths
  • Easy to peel of due to finger lift design
  • None sticky properties of photosensitive film afterwards pealing off

Strip size: 70mm (length), 19mm (width)

Sealed strips must be stored between 15°C – 40 °C (short-term 60°C)
Measurement with UV Scan 3 min to 2 hours after exposure to UV source

Thickness: 150 µm
Linear Detection Range: 15 – 200 mJ/cm²
Preciseness: ± (5 mJ/cm² + 15 % relative to value)

Main applications

tesa ® 54140 is particularly suitable as quality reference tool for all kind of printing techniques with UV-light in use:
  • Narrow web printing
  • Sheet fed printing
  • Large format inkjet printing
  • Liquid cup / 3D printing
  • etc.


tesa _54140_pr_001_fullsize

tesa® products prove their impressive quality day in, day out in demanding conditions and are regularly subjected to strict controls. All technical information and data above mentioned are provided to the best of our knowledge on the basis of our practical experience. They shall be considered as average values and are not appropriate for a specification. Therefore tesa SE can make no warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The user is responsible for determining whether the tesa® product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s method of application. If you are in any doubt, our technical staff will be glad to support you.

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