Transparent and nearly invisible adhesive hooks for mounting decorative objects on windows or mirrors.

Transparent Hooks

Nuestros ganchos adhesivos transparentes se pueden montar de forma casi invisible en superficies transparentes. También son ideales para la decoración y se pueden quitar sin dejar rastro.

The “Invisible” Decoration Hooks

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Our transparent adhesive hooks give you limitless possibilities for hanging up everyday objects and decorating your home. Quick and easy to put up, our adhesive hooks utilize Powerstrips® technology to ensure a reliable hold on your chosen surface. You’ll be ready to hang your object or decoration in minutes, without the hassle (or holes!) associated with hammer and nails.

The almost invisible appearance of the hooks means they simply fade into the background when used for seasonal or holiday decorations. This makes them an obvious choice for Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, or whenever inspiration strikes! And when you’re ready to take down your decoration or just feel like a change, the hooks can be easily removed without leaving a trace. Hooks without drilling – what could be more convenient?

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