tesa® 4380 HT Paint Overspray Protection Film

Large Area Masking for the Automotive Two-Tone Paint Process

Product description

tesa® paint overspray protection film is a paintable and tear resistant translucent film for large area masking in the automotive paint process to prevent paint overspray. It prevents the base color painted area (body or roof) from overspray while applying the contrast color.
  • Durable film provides excellent paint overspray adhesion
  • Good tear resistance keep film intact during painting
  • Reduces costs associated with removing overspray
  • Temperature resistance up to 195°C (short term)
Our non-sticky specially formulated high temperature film offers excellent paint adhesion and paint overspray adhesion. The film clings to vehicle which makes it easy to handle. It resists paint flaking and supports a fast and clean removal in one piece.
We offer our Overspray Protection Film as specific, tailor made tesa ® RollMasker solutions in a variety of sizes to protect various types of vehicles.
tesa® RollMasker is a two-in-one solution of a premium masking tape combined with our special protective film for sensitive, time saving large area masking.
  • Easy to cut: Yes
  • Demasking: After oven
  • Robustness: Good

Main applications

Large Area Masking for the Automotive Two Tone Paint Process

Technical properties

Elongation at break

300 %

Type of adhesive


Material of masking coverage


Temperature resistance (paint)


Tensile strength

25 N/cm

Total thickness

30 µm

Temperature resistance (PP-EPDM)


Temperature resistance

180 °C

Rating properties



Sharp color edge


Flame retardant


Powerwash resistance


Additional Info

Available Sizes:
4380 HT RM Film 1500MX1520MM
4380 HT RM Film 1500MX1820MM
4380 HT RM Film 1500MX1620MM
4380 HT RM Film 1000MX2350MM

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