Product information

tesa ® 4341

High Temperature-resistant Masking Tape for Paint-spraying with Subsequent Oven-drying up to 140 °C

Product description

tesa ® 4341 is a fine crepe, conformable and flexible paper masking tape suitable for masking jobs during spray painting. The product's solvent-free natural rubber adhesive offers high tack and excellent adhesion on a variety of surfaces like metal, rubber, glass and plastic. The conformable masking tape is resistant to wet sanding and can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for oven-drying. The excellent adherence of fillers or paints (water- or solvent-based) to the reverse side of the tape prevents any kind of paint flaking. Even after the oven-drying process with temperatures of up to 140 °C, tesa ® 4341 can be easily removed without leaving any residues.

Main applications

  • tesa ® 4341 is a temperature-resistant masking tape, ideal for demanding masking tasks during spray painting
  • The high-temperature tape can be used with various surfaces like metal, rubber, glass, and plastic
  • The conformable tape is suitable for fixing of heavy and big masks  
  • tesa ® 4341 offers excellent paint anchorage on reverse side
  • Ambitious lacquering work
  • Suitable for sensitive surfaces
  • Good flexibility for curves
  • Fixing heavy masking material
tesa Craftsmen Professional Special Painters 140°C Masking Tape, 50m:30mm

tesa -4341-high-temperature-masking-tape-brown-043410000400-pr

tesa -4341-high-temperature-masking-tape-01-ap

tesa Craftsmen Professional Special Painters 140°C Masking Tape, 50m:30mm

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tesa -4341-high-temperature-masking-tape-step2of6-ap

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tesa -4341-high-temperature-masking-tape-step3of6-ap

tesa -4341-high-temperature-masking-tape-step4of6-ap

tesa -4341-high-temperature-masking-tape-step5of6-ap

tesa -4341-high-temperature-masking-tape-step6of6-ap

Technical properties

Backing material

slightly-creped paper

Total thickness

190 µm

Type of adhesive

natural rubber

Adhesion to steel

4.7 N/cm

Elongation at break

13 %

Tensile strength

53 N/cm

Temperature resistance

140 °C

Rating properties

Hand tearability


Easy to remove


Paint anchorage


Sharp colour edge




tesa® products prove their impressive quality day in, day out in demanding conditions and are regularly subjected to strict controls. All technical information and data above mentioned are provided to the best of our knowledge on the basis of our practical experience. They shall be considered as average values and are not appropriate for a specification. Therefore tesa SE can make no warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The user is responsible for determining whether the tesa® product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s method of application. If you are in any doubt, our technical staff will be glad to support you.

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