Prefab cooperation with Alucobond and 3A composites.

Didn't attend the BAU are some of the things you missed

ALUCOBOND® by tesa® pre-fab architectural panels

Building Façade Panels

Building façades were a heavily discussed topic during the 2019 BAU exhibition. During our live demonstratoins we exhibited what a critical role tape can play in façade panel applications. Façades panels help to give buildings their unique character. Our innovative adhesive tapes influence this character by offering the building industry completely new design possibilities. At the BAU 2019, we exhibited these self-adhesive system solutions.

Large façade elements have become an essential part of architectural design and building construction. Using ALUCOBOND® by tesa®, architectural panels made of aluminum composite or metal can now be invisibly attached for a sleek, aesthetic design. The heart of the system solution, which was developed in cooperation with 3A Composites, is  tesa® ACXplus 70200, which permanently bonds even under the most adverse weather conditions and at temperatures of minus 40 to plus 80 degrees Celsius. This has been confirmed by numerous tests conducted by independent testing institutes. tesa® ACXplus 70200 for the European market is currently in the approval process at the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt – German institute for building technology).

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Efficient Façade Construction through Prefabrication

The tesa® ACXplus 70200 double-sided adhesive tape is an efficient replacement for conventional sealing adhesives that are typically used at construction sites. The façade elements can be prefabricated in the workshop under controlled conditions and are therefore, completely unaffected by the weather. This reduces error-prone work on the construction site to a minimum. At the same time, installation is extremely simple: the adhesive tape is applied directly to the cleaned and primer-coated panels using an application aid. A special pressure roller is available to provide the necessary adhesive pressure. After the panels and profiles are adhered, the bonded elements can be transported immediately without needing to cure. At the construction site, the prefabricated façade elements are later hung into a corresponding substructure on the outer wall.


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Where To Find Alucobond® by tesa®

ALUCOBOND® by tesa® is already used in Switzerland and was featured in our booth at the BAU. Even if you didn't get a chance to see our innovative system solutions last week there are still plenty of opportunities to learn about how our adhesive technologies simplify production processes and create greater design freedom. For more information visit us at our Façades page or contact us directly using the form below.