Bonding of Architectural Panels

Bonding of Architectural Panels

From decorative wall coverings to attractive facades, our tapes make an aesthetically pleasing appearance possible.

From decorative wall coverings to attractive facades, tesa tapes play an important role in bonding materials that aim for a “clean,” aesthetically pleasing appearance, especially when compared to mechanical fasteners. Architectural panels – aluminum composite, HPL, or metal panels – are permanently bonded to the substructure with tesa® ACXplus. A double-sided tape does not require any additional support material and creates less waste. Clean production sites with less waste promote a safe work environment. Our double-sided tapes help to achieve a fast application as no curing time is needed and bonded elements can move directly to the next process step. A continuous production process is therefore guaranteed and no equipment for special storage conditions is required.

Direct-Stick Method

Concealed mounting of aluminum composite panels to metal substructures:

  • Invisible and optimal aesthetic design
  • No damage to the material in use
  • Weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use
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Certificates and External Test Reports

  • ASTM E284-04, 330-02, 331-00 – wind load and water penetration test
  • AAMA 501.6-09 – earthquake test on facade elements
  • NBR 10821-3/11 – water and air penetration of facade elements
  • DIN EN 13501-1.2012 – classification of reaction to fire
  • Cyclone testing according to AS 1562.1, AS 4040.2/3 serviceability and AS 4040.3 cyclic simulated windload testing  
Architectural panels
Architectural panels
Architectural panels
architectural panels