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Strapping Tape tesa ® 64284 Now Available in White

Strapping Tape tesa ® 64284 Now Available in White

The well-known light-blue strapping tape tesa ® 64284 is widely used to protect appliances against damage during transportation. The product is now also available in white in order to blend in with its surroundings, letting your appliances design shine.

tesa® 64284 on refrigerator
tesa ® 64284 on refrigerator


Manufacturers prefer the white tapes especially on the inside of refrigerators. When the appliance is displayed in a showroom, the strapping tapes are much less noticeable and do not distract from the appliance itself.

Like the light blue tesa ® 64284, the new white strapping tape is ideal for holding shelves, bins, and other parts of the appliance in place, and for protecting them against shocks during transport. The tesa ® 64284 is a medium-duty, tensilised tape with a natural rubber adhesive system. It has a polypropylene backing, causes no discoloration, and can be removed without leaving residues.


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tesa ® 64284: the New White Strapping Tape

tesa® 64284 in white
tesa ® 64284 in white

While the new white tesa ® 64284 is specifically designed for use on the inside of refrigerators, the strapping tape is also suitable for protecting different kinds of appliances during assembly, transportation, and installation. On critical glass, plastic, or painted metal parts, the strapping tape protects against scratches, damage and dirt. Applied to refrigerator doors and metal cooktops, it prevents them from becoming damaged during transportation.

Would you like to test the new tesa ® 64284 in white? Please get in touch with us or your local distributor and request a sample roll!

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