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Mar 18, 2016

Four Reasons Why Tape Can Play a Critical Role

In today’s competitive consumer marketplace, brand power matters. Companies and individuals alike dedicate significant time and dollars to crafting, growing, and maintaining a positive brand image. This premise is certainly true for appliance manufacturers and suppliers that purport to grow their businesses through capturing the hearts and minds of consumers based on the total customer experience. For the appliance industry, the customer experience is defined by several criteria, including product performance, functionality, aesthetics, value, and service throughout the purchase process and beyond. While some may find it surprising, choosing the right adhesive tape technology can actually play a critical role in enhancing the total customer experience for purchasers of both residential and commercial-grade appliances, making it an important component in maintaining and enhancing the brand image of the product line. A closer look at adhesive tapes reveals four ways in which tape products contribute to the overall brand promise:

Reason One: First Impressions Matter

When an appliance is delivered to its purchaser, the customer expects for the unit to arrive in pristine condition. Knowing this expectation, many manufacturers rely on a variety of specialty packaging tapes to protect both the interior and exterior of the product. More specifically, special surface protective tapes are often applied to exterior panels, doors, cooktops, deco glass, and more, all with the intention of protecting these surfaces from scratches, dings, and abrasions.

With the right tape, upon delivery, the customer is able to easily and cleanly remove the tape from the product to prepare it for use. Likewise, select tapes are used to secure interior appliance components from movement during the transport process, keeping interior aesthetics as intended.

Reason Two: Aesthetics Matter

Today’s appliances are more than just functional workhorses. In many cases, they have now become part of the home or facility decor, which means that styling, design, and color schemes matter. This is an area in which adhesive tapes already play a key role in enhancing product aesthetics.

By using tapes in lieu other bonding methods such as glue, hardware, or rivets, the manufacturer has the opportunity to improve the appearance of the product by eliminating visible screws, welded indentions, and glue seepage. The end result is a product with smooth panels, contours, and an overall sleek design.

Using tapes for commercial appliances can help to improve productivity of a commercial appliance and the overall product quality.
Using tapes for commercial appliances can help to improve productivity of a commercial appliance and the overall product quality.
Commercial freezer chest tape applications
Commercial freezer chest tape applications

Reason Three: Structural Integrity Matters

A brand is only as good as its product or service performance. When it comes to designing and producing residential and commercial grade appliances, tapes offer an advantage over other assembly mechanisms.

While mechanical fasteners might appear to be the “go-to” solution for structural bonding, they also have limitations. First, additional tools are likely needed along the assembly line to install these fasteners. As the goods move down the assembly line and ultimately endure multiple transports from manufacturer to warehouse to end customer, fastening hardware can become loosened during the process, creating an opportunity for product instability and/or damage.

Additionally, with transport comes the inherent exposure to a variety of different climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.), increasing the likelihood that materials throughout the unit will slightly expand or contract as they adjust to their environment.

By using the right industrial-grade double-sided foam tapes, these slight material shifts can be compensated, as the tape is equipped with viscoelastic characteristics, allowing it to expand and contract based on the environment.

Reason Four: Desin Flexibility Matters

As appliance designs and styles become more sophisticated, design engineers desire materials that can be adaptive. This is clearly where adhesive tapes stand paramount by offering the ability to be converted to an exact shape or size of virtually any appliance part. Tapes are currently being utilized to bond and secure touch panels, branded nameplates, sensitive electronic components, and more. No other bonding method can compete with the flexibility offered by tapes for meeting exact design elements.

Advanced die cuts
Advanced die cuts

Living up to a brand promise is critical for any company or product line, as it can directly affect revenue dollars. While perhaps not the first thought on the product design, assembly, and packaging list, adhesive tapes can actually play a big role in securing the product and ultimately protecting and enhancing the all-important brand name.