Processing Aid – for Clean, Precise and Convienient Application

Our latest tool is not only a useful addition allowing you a more comfortable use of our tesa® ACXplus assortment, it also enables you to run your process more efficient.

Sep 25, 2017

The tesa® 50690 Promoter Pen

Our tesa® Adhesion Promoters can be used to improve the adhesion of tesa® ACXplus products, our acrylic core tape offering. To make the process of applying adhesion promoter more efficient, we are offering our tesa® 50690 Promoter Pen. This tool is designed for a clean, precise as well as convenient application and is compatible with the following adhesion promoters:

  • tesa® 60150 Adhesion Promoter Universal
  • tesa® 60152 Adhesion Promoter PU/HPVC
  • tesa® 60153 Adhesion Promoter Fast Cure

The refillable pen comes with a 15 mm wide tip, which can be replaced if required. Its optimized valve system allows you to control the amount of primer used to reach perfect results and excellent adhesion properties. We recommend changing the tip once a day and using one pen for up to one week. Please note that the pen does not come with adhesion promoter in it. The adhesion promoter can be purchased separately and can be used to fill up this applicator pen.

For further technical support please feel free to get in touch with our local tesa organization or

tesa Promoter Pen 50690-00000-01
The tesa® 50690 Promoter Pen allows clean, precise and convinient application.