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We introduce four new silver stars to the aluminum tape range 

Mar 4, 2022

New aluminum laminated PET tapes meet your needs in the appliance industry

We extend our aluminum tape range by launching four new products for the appliance industry. Besides the signature material of aluminum foil, all new products have an additional layer: a polyester (PET) film which is used to enhance the dispensing performance of the tapes.

The new aluminum laminated PET tapes are developed especially for the white goods industry. Here, the tapes are used in the production of refrigerators and freezers to bond the metallic cooling tubes to the plastic bodies. Two major requirements arise from the primarily automated production process: the adhesive tape needs to resist the changing tensions during its dispensing procedures and ensure a stable process with as few material changes as possible.

To meet these requirements, the new tape designs offer an enhanced dispensing stability ensuring that the tape withstands the tension involved in the application. In addition, we are offering four tape thicknesses and customer-specific widths and lengths to operate across multiple production processes. The enhanced stability and the availability of different dimensions generate the ideal solution for automated tape processing in the appliance industry. 

Characteristics of our new tesa® aluminum laminated PET tapes

Our tesa® aluminum laminated PET tapes are available in four different thicknesses to meet our customer’s specific requirements. With increased product thickness, the mechanical stability also increases. Besides its new PET film layer, the aluminum tapes are coated with a durable acrylic adhesive for permanent applications and come without a liner. All products are characterized by a very good initial adhesion to relevant plastics and metals. Thanks to the excellent conformability of the tapes, the cooling tubes can be tightly bonded to the refrigerator housing. The aluminum layer ensures thermal conductivity to increase the cooling performance of the produced devices. The additional PET layer provides additional backing stability and thus increases performance in the production process. 

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