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Deco Glass Mounting for Demanding Applications

With the tesa® ACXplus product family, we offer a variety of acrylic core tapes, which are suitable and approved for deco glass mounting.

Mar 22, 2016

ACXplus Product Family for Deco Glass Mounting

Freestanding refrigerators, which dominate the Asian markets, are available with a wide variety of different surfaces. Many customers see decorative glass panels as a state-of-the-art solution when it comes to the door surface of a fridge. The major highlight from a design perspective is that full-sized glass panels are applied without any visible mechanical fixtures. This also makes deco glass mounting (DGM) one of the most advanced and demanding applications for pressure-sensitive adhesives within the appliance industry.

Here, double-sided tapes come into play – acrylic core tapes to be exact. tesa’s acrylic core tape products feature extremely strong holding power (also referred to as adhesion strength) while being invisible to the end customer. These are only two of the major advantages of using tesa’s well-known ACXplus product series.

These tapes are used to bond glass panels to doors of refrigerators, resulting in flawless designs. Most of the time, the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is applied in a rectangular shape around the edges of the refrigerator door with the requirement of holding the full weight of the glass. Different climate conditions and heavy impacts to the whole refrigerator are typical challenging examples within the requirement profile of this application. These requirements can be managed by tesa® ACXplus due to one key characteristic: viscoelasticity. Viscoelasticity is one of the main features that make this product especially suitable for deco glass mounting applications.

With the tesa® ACXplus product family, tesa offers a variety of acrylic core tapes, which are suitable and approved for deco glass mounting. This product family contains several product series. All of these have their own advantages and unique characteristics. The following overview shows selected tesa products from the ACXplus assortment, which are especially recommended for demanding deco glass mounting applications (further thicknesses available upon request).