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tesa is attending the AWE 2016 which will be held from Mar 9 till 12 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre with innovative solutions.

Feb 24, 2016

Smart Appliances Creation, Smart tesa Solutions

- tesa attending AWE 2016 with innovative solutions

The Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) 2016 will be held from Mar 9 till 12 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Every well-known appliance and electronics brand will be there to present cutting edge products, including tesa, as a provider of innovative adhesive solutions for the industry.

This time tesa will present their latest solutions for appliances and electronics, which are widely used in white goods, kitchen appliances, small appliances, TVs, smart phones, tablets, wearable devices and so on.

Highlight 1: HAF tapes, great functionality in narrow spaces

As demanded by the development trend of future products, we have developed highly-adhesive HAF-tape solutions, which include both our high- and low-temperature series. These HAF-tapes show great adhesive performance on narrow surfaces and in ultra-thin spaces. They can be used in long-term applications under large amounts of stress, creating more possibilities for end-product design and manufacturing.

Highlight 2: Whole-new TV solution

Facing the changing TV design, tesa updated TV solutions for flat TVs and frameless TVs. Applications include glass panel mounting, frame mounting, silicone bands mounting, LED light bars mounting, LGD mounting, profiles and other components mounting as well as light management and masking. For the more and more popular laser TV, tesa double-sided tapes can securely mount 100-inch DNP screens and in the meantime achieve high production efficiency.

Highlight 3: Best partner of intelligent appliances

As a leading global manufacturer of adhesive solutions for the Electronics Industry, we offer a wide range of specially developed adhesive tapes for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, wearable devices and many other electronic appliances. Our product range includes tape solutions for optically clear lamination, heat and light management, ultra-thin mounting and electrical conductivity. Our vast experience in the electronic field enables us to better serve the appliance industry, which increasingly integrates electrical components. At the AWE 2016, tesa will be holding various interactive activities for you to experience the incredible functionality of tesa tapes, as well as the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

tesa booth: Hall W1, Booth 1G21
Time: Mar 9 – 12, 2016
Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center