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tesapack® perfect & strong

tesapack® perfect & strong is a PP and solvent-free packaging tape. The brown or transparent tape stands out for its versatility and extra high performance.

  • Strong PP backing
  • Solvent-free adhesive with high UV-resistance
  • Environmentally friendly (PVC- and solvent-free)

Order no:

Main features

  • Strong PP backing
  • Solvent-free adhesive with high UV-resistance
  • Environmentally friendly (PVC- and solvent-free)
  • High sealing security
  • Especially even, low-noise unwinding
  • Suitable for use in all tesa® hand dispensers

Product description

tesapack® perfect & strong is a unique packaging tape that was made for all packaging applications requiring extra reliability. It not only features a PVC-free backing made from Polypropylene. It is also equipped with a solvent-free adhesive coating that stands out for superior durability. Matching a wide range of different packaging needs, the highly UV resistant tape is available in a brown and transparent version. For added comfort it offers even and low-noise unwinding. For easy application it can be used with all tesapack® hand dispensers.
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tesapack® perfect & strong is a tear-resistant packaging tape with a unique set of characteristics. It is the ideal option for any packaging situations calling for a highly reliable packaging tape.

Free from PVC and solvents

tesapack® perfect & strong is the prefered choice of people who prefer a packaging tape offering a PVC-free backing. In addition, the tape is equipped with a solvent-free self-adhesive coating that stands out for its extra high sealing security.

UV resistant for long-term reliability

Being made from Polypropylene instead of PVC, tesapack® perfect & strong does not react to the UV rays contained in the sunlight. This makes it an ideal packaging tape for long-term storage and reliable parcel sealing.

Available in two colors and two widths

tesapack® perfect & strong perfectly adapts to your packaging needs. It is not only available with brown or transparent PP backing. It also comes as a 38 mm or 50 mm packaging tape to match a wide range of packaging requirements.

Extra convenience for easy handling

During the actual packing process, tesapack® perfect & strong does not only stand out for its even and low-noise unwinding. It can also be used with all tesapack® handheld dispensers for precise and easy application.