tesamoll® FOR TEXTILES Door-to-floor Brush

tesamoll® STANDARD Door-to-floor Brush for Textiles is an effective draught excluder brush that works perfectly even in combination with deep-pile carpets.

  • For deep-pile carpets
  • For gaps of up to 15mm
  • Extra long, elastic brush

Order no:
Dimensions: 1m x 43mm

Main features

  • For deep-pile carpets
  • For gaps of up to 15mm
  • Extra long, elastic brush
  • Easy self-adhesive fitting without screws or nails
  • UV-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Durability: 6 years
  • Material: plastic

Product description

If you want to keep the heat inside, while preventing cold air and dust from entering the room, the tesamoll® Door-to-floor Brush for Textiles is the perfect answer. This effective draught excluder brush is a self-adhesive door brush especially designed for rooms with deep-pile carpets. It easily attaches to the door leaf without the need to drill holes and tighten screws. The plastic mounting plate can be cut to match any door. The brush with extra long and elastic nylon bristles serve as a perfect sealing brush able to cover up to 15 mm wide gaps between the door leaf and the floor.

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You want to keep the heat inside, while preventing cold air and dust from entering the room? The self-adhesive tesamoll® Door-to-floor Brush for Textiles is a perfect sealing bar to cover the gap between door leaf and floor. It is ready for easy DIY installation and combines superior functionality with maximum durability.

Effective draught excluder brush

A certain gap between the door leaf and the floor cannot entirely be avoided. If this gap is too big, however, it may let cold air come in, which you will perceive as an annoying draught. As the name indicates, the tesamoll® Door-to-floor Brush for Textiles was especially made for rooms equipped with carpets. It is a highly effective door sealing brush that even works with deep-pile carpets that are found in many living rooms or bedrooms. Use it as a cold wind stopper to keep cold draught out and warm air in.

How to seal a gap under the door

The tesamoll® Door-to-floor Brush for Textiles is a fast an easy DIY solution for this problem. Mounting it neither requires nails or screws, nor do you need any special skills. The plastic bar can be cut with a standard carpet knife to match the width of your door leaf. Clean the mounting surface with alcohol or any silicone-free household detergent. Remove the protective foil of the self-adhesive strip attached to the plastic bar and firmly press the bar against the lower edge of the door.

Door sealing with long-term effect

The tesamoll® Door-to-floor Brush for Textiles is made for long-lasting trouble-free operation. It is equipped with a highly elastic wind stopper brush featuring extra long and abrasion-resistant nylon bristles. Use it as a door sealing rail in combination with carpeted floors and door-to-floor gaps up to 15 mm. Depending on the use of the door, effective door sealing is guaranteed for at least 6 years.