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tesa® TACK Adhesive Putty

tesa® TACK Adhesive Putty - customizable and shapeable adhesive putty for fixing objects like postcards, photos or cables.

  • Fixing of a variety of objects to smooth and solid surfaces such as posters, pictures and
  • Fixing cables, pens or other loose objects in the household

Order no:
Dimensions: 80pcs

Main features

  • Fixing of a variety of objects to smooth and solid surfaces such as posters, pictures and
  • Fixing cables, pens or other loose objects in the household

Product description

tesa® TACK Adhesive Putty is a white, high-strength and reusable adhesive to fix objects in place in the home and office, even on uneven surfaces. The adhesive putty can be portioned as required and needs to be kneaded before application. There is a wide range of different areas of application for this clever alternative to drawing pins and magnets. This adhesive putty can be used to hang up drawings, postcards, photos or posters conveniently and quickly, to fix cables or hold many ordinary household objects in place. There are 80 pieces of adhesive putty in one package.
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tesa® TACK Adhesive Putty — the putty that sticks

The white adhesive putty from tesa® makes it possible to fix objects quickly & effortlessly - temporarily or permanently. All you have to do is tear off the right amount, knead it briefly in your hands and attach it to the object in question, which can then easily be attached to the surface. And after use, the Putty does not have to be thrown away — you can knead and reuse it.

Advantages compared to other methods

The adhesive putty is not only easy to use but has many advantages compared to drawing pins or magnets. Whereas the use of drawing pins or magnets requires a “counterpart” (such as metal or a pin board) or destroy the surface, tesa® TACK Adhesive Putty takes on the challenge alone. In addition, it is sticky on both sides and can thus be applied discreetly.

Many uses for adhesive putty

tesa® TACK Adhesive Putty can be shaped, is flexible and has impressive adhesive strength. These properties make the adhesive putty a real all-allrounder that provides valuable help both at home and in the office for hanging up photos or posters, fixing pens, cables or loose objects and attaching index cards during a presentation.

Note: The surface should be clean, dust-free, dry and free from grease to achieve maximum adhesive performance. Use of the adhesive putty on porous and sensitive surfaces, such as woodchip or plaster, is not recommended. Problem-free removal only applies with solid surfaces.