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tesa® Protect Protection buffers

tesa® Protect Protection buffers are small plastic pads with shock-absorbing properties that are ideal to protect walls and furniture from damages.

  • Prevent damages from e.g. door handles
  • Self-adhesive

Order no:
Dimensions: 10mm x 10mm

Main features

  • Prevent damages from e.g. door handles
  • Self-adhesive

Product description

Sometimes doors are positioned in a way that opening them might cause the handle to damage the wall. tesa® Protect Protection buffers will prevent such mishaps. These inconspicuous small plastic buffers are designed to absorb mechanical shocks that might otherwise damage the wall. They are equipped with a self-adhesive backing to allow fast and easy attachment to any wall. Available in white or brown they unobtrusively blend with their surroundings to offer durable protection.
Related products

When doors are positioned close to a corner of the room it is almost unavoidable that they occasionally collide with the adjoining wall. This will inevitably cause the door handle to damage the surface of the wall and leave unsightly traces. tesa® Protect Protection buffers are the smart answer to such situations.

Door stopper with built-in shock absorption

tesa® Protect Protection buffers are small door stoppers made of plastic. They are designed in away to provide a shock absorbing effect when hit by any hard object. Being small and unobtrusive you will hardly notice them on the wall, but they will reliably protect its surface from any damages caused by the uncontrolled impact of a door handle.

Easy mounting without tools

tesa® Protect Protection buffers are equipped with a self-adhesive backing. For best adhesion wipe any dust of the wall and take care of a clean and grease-free surface. Determine the exact position and mark it with a pencil. Remove the protective tape from the back of the buffer and firmly press it against the wall. There is no need to drill a hole and you will neither need tools nor any special skills.

Protecting wallpapers and panels

tesa® Protect Protection buffers are a universal wall guard. They can be used with almost any type of wall. Available in white or brown they inconspicuously blend in with a wide range of materials. You can use them as door buffers in combination with wallpapered walls and with walls equipped with costly paneling. You can even stick them on pieces of furniture that might collide with the handle of a door.