tesa Powerstrips® Hooks Small OVAL

tesa Powerstrips Hooks Small Oval add an accent to your kitchen or bathroom and offer removable fixation to safely hang up anything weighing up to 1 kg.

  • Easy to mount without drilling, screws or nails
  • Strong hold up to 1kg
  • Removable without trace thanks to the Powerstrips® technology

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Dimensions: 3 Hooks + 4 Strips Small

Main features

  • Easy to mount without drilling, screws or nails
  • Strong hold up to 1kg
  • Removable without trace thanks to the Powerstrips® technology
  • Made from high quality plastic
  • Usable on tiles, glass, wood, plastic and a variety of other surfaces 1
  • Hooks reusable with tesa Powerstrips SMALL
  • Completely covered tesa Powerstrip
1 Not suitable for use on styrofoam, foamed material, surfaces with non-stick coating, porous materials

Product description

tesa Powerstrips Hooks Small Oval are a truly clever idea. They are a damage-free hanging solution and can be attached to almost any flat surface 1 without requiring you to drill any holes. Yet, they are strong and reliable hooks and can securely hold anything weighing up to 1 kg. Best of all, they are highly flexible hooks that can be removed any time without leaving traces. Their attractive oval design makes them practical kitchen or bathroom hooks, but also adds an accent to the children's rooms and the home office. A choice of colors allows matching them exactly to your interior décor.
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tesa Powerstrips Hooks Small Oval are precisely what the name indicates. They are small and practical plastic hooks perfectly equipped for a million of aplications in the kitchen, the bathroom and wherever you want to hang up something. Due to their self-adhesive tesa Powerstrips technology, they not only attach safely and easily to almost any surface 1 . They can also be removed and reused anytime for maximum flexibility.

How to apply - Step by step:

1. Clean the surface with alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner
2. Apply the Powerstrip Small strip on the surface - press for 5 seconds minimum
3. Open the hook and stick the back of the hook onto the strip - press for 5 seconds minimum
4. Close and snap-lock the hook.

Easy mounting without drilling

Forget about your toolbox. With tesa Powerstrips Hooks Small Oval you won't need any power drill, hammer or screwdriver just to set up a hook. You only need to clean the surface with alcohol or any silicone-free detergent, stick the enclosed Powerstrip Small onto the wall, firmly press the base plate of the hook against it and let the hook snap in. This works best on smooth and even surfaces and even allows you to fasten a hook on tiles without damaging them. .

Removable fixation for added freedom

These Powerstrips hooks from tesa are a great damage-free tanging solution for easy hanging without damaging the wall. But there is even more to it: these smart hooks leave you with the opportunity to change your mind anytime. If you don't need a particular hook anymore, simply pull off its Powerstrip Small and it will come off the wall immediately. There will be no holes to cover, no damaged tiles, no traces of bonding agent to remove – not a trace at all. .

Resusing instead of disposing

With the oval-shaped tesa hooks you not only have a great solution to organize your home. These small plastic hooks also offer you unprecedented flexibility. Dont' waste resources after you have taken a hook off the wall. Retain it and use it again for any occasion that calls for a practical hook. The only thing you need is a pack of replacement Powerstrips Small and you can reuse the hook wherever it comes in handy. .

Perfect for home and home office

With tesa Powerstrips Hooks Small Oval you have an easy and damage-free hanging solution that will upgrade your kitchen or bathroom. But they also come in handy for the children's rooms. Plus they are a great help to organize your home office by keeping frequently used equipment ready for easy access.

1 Not suitable for use on styrofoam, foamed material, surfaces with non-stick coating, porous materials