tesa Powerstrips® Cable Clip

Use self-adhesive tesa Powerstrips Cable-Clips to run cables unobtrusively. They stick to just about any flat surface and come off easily to be reused anytime.

  • Easy to mount without drilling, screws or nails
  • Easy to fix cables of up to 8mm diameter
  • Removable without trace thanks to the Powerstrips technology

Order no:
Dimensions: 5 Clips + 6 Strips Small

Main features

  • Easy to mount without drilling, screws or nails
  • Easy to fix cables of up to 8mm diameter
  • Removable without trace thanks to the Powerstrips technology
  • Brings order where there is cable chaos
  • Clip is reusable with tesa Powerstrip Small
  • Cable-clip covers tesa Powerstrip completely

Product description

Cables keep your electric devices running, but nobody wants to see them hanging around or even stumble over them. Tesa Powerstrips® self-adhesive cable clips is a versatile plastic cable manager help you to organize cables unobtrusively in the home and keep things tidy under the office desk. These wire ties stick to just about any flat surface and come off easily without leaving traces. They are also reusable and can be attached again and again by simply using a new tesa Powerstrips® Small. Put an end to all that cable clutter by routing your cables neatly and unobtrusively.
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Prevent your office from becoming a trip hazard. Effectively organize all those cables connecting your computer, your telephone and other electronic devices. Adhesive cable clips by tesa ® Powerstrips are the ideal means to put an end to any cable clutter without drilling holes.

How to apply - Step by step

1. Clean the surface with alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner
2. Apply the Powerstrip Small strip on the surface - press for 5 seconds minimum
3. Open the cable clip and stick the back of the clip onto the strip - press for 5 seconds minimum
4. Close and snap-lock the clip

Adhesive cable clips: Organizing cables for easy charging

Maybe you have a place in your home where you charge all your mobile devices, such as your smartphone, tablet or audio player. With these adhesive cable clips you can neatly organize all those USB charging cables to have them ready without fumbling whenever your device needs a boost of power.

Keeping computer cables out of sight

Keep your office desk tidy by reducing the visibility of cables to a minimum. tesa ® cable clips can be attached at the bottom of your desktop to run all those computer cables out of sight. They are ideal to run the VGA or HDMI cable of your monitor, the coax cable of your office network and the USB cables connecting your keyboard and external storage devices.

Home entertainment without cable clutter

The components of a home entertainment system need extensive wiring. With adhesive cable clips from tesa ® you can keep coax cables, HDMI cables and other TV cables out of sight. You can run audio connections and speaker cables unobtrusively and enjoy a visually pleasing entertainment with stunning pictures and brilliant sound.

Organizing cables without drilling holes

tesa ® Powerstrips Cable Clips are highly versatile cable clamps matching any mains, audio, video, computer and communications cable with a diameter of up to 8mm. Using patented tesa ® Powerstrips technology, they make perfect wire ties and stick to almost any smooth surface 1 . There is no need to drill holes or drive nails into the wall. Simply attach the number of cable clips needed and guide your cables in a neat and unobtrusive way

Removable cable management solution

tesa ® cable clips are removable and reusable. Simply pull off the tesa Powerstrip® Small to remove any clip you do not need anymore. Use a new replacement strip to attach the very same clip at any other position to re-organize your cables.

1 Not suitable for the use on styrofoam, foamed or porous materials or surfaces with non-sticking coating.