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tesa® Powerbutton Universal hook Medium

The tesa® Powerbutton Universal hook Medium is designed for damage-free mounting without drilling. It is water- and heat-resistant and can hold up to 6 kg.

  • Easy application without drilling, screws or nails
  • Extra-strong hold up to 6kg
  • Usable on and removable from most surfaces 3

Order no:
Dimensions: 1 Hook

Main features

  • Easy application without drilling, screws or nails
  • Extra-strong hold up to 6kg
  • Usable on and removable from most surfaces 3
  • Patented technology 1
  • Strong hold on most surfaces 2
  • Waterproof
  • High temperature resistance
  • Chrome Plated
  • Made from steel
  • Available as single hooks
  • Hooks reusable with the tesa® Powerbutton technology
1 EP 1 440 246 B1 2 Does not hold Plaster, Wallpaper, PE, PTFE or PP 3 Not removable from Plaster or Wallpaper. Residues might remain

Product description

The tesa® Powerbutton Universal hook Medium is a high-quality chrome hook that matches a wide range of applications anywhere in your home. It features a minimalistic design and is able to hold weights of up to 6 kg. Use it as an "allround" hook to hang up things like bathrobes or body care utensils in the bathroom, cooking accessories in the kitchen or coats and handbags in the wardrobe. Thanks to patented tesa® Powerbutton mounting technology you can attach it to tiles or any other flat and smooth wall 1 without drilling holes. You can also remove it anytime and reuse it at any other location.
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Maybe you need a place in the bathroom to hang up a bath towel or you need a practical hook in the wardrobe for your coat, your keys, or anything you would like to have within easy reach. The tesa® Powerbutton Universal hook Medium is a practical chrome hook ready to be mounted just about anywhere.

How to apply:

1. Clean the surface with alcohol or a silicone-free detergent
2. Apply the mounting plate/adapter on the wall/tile surface
3. Position the glue tube into the bigger hole of the mounting plate/adapter and start inserting the glue by slowly rolling up the glue tube until the glue can be seen through the second hole of the mounting plate/adapter
4. Let the glue dry for minimum 12 hours
5. Screw the hook (parts) onto the mounting plate/adapter

Chrome hook for high weights

Use the tesa® Powerbutton Universal hook Medium as a versatile bathroom or kitchen accessory that can hold anything from body care utensils to bathrobes and from coats to kitchen equipment. It might look inconspicuously, but it is a strong hook able to hold weights of up to 6 kg.

Mounting without drilling

One outstanding feature of this versatile hook is its patented tesa® Powerbutton mounting technology. It allows attaching the hook to tiles or many other flat and smooth walls 1 with the help of a special bonding agent that is inserted into a mounting plate. This means there is no need to drill holes with all the associated dirt. Mounting this hook will also not result in punctured walls or damaged tiles.

Resistant to heat and water

The tesa® Powerbutton technology used to mount this chromed wall hook is not only water-resistant. It is also highly temperature resistant. This means, you can use the hook even where it might get exposed to water – for example next to the bathtub.

Removable and reusable

The tesa® Powerbutton Universal hook Medium is a reusable hook. It not only allows damage-free mounting on tiles or other suitable surfaces 1 , but can also be removed anytime without leaving traces and can be mounted again at any other location.

1 The hook will not hold on plaster, wallpaper or plastics such as PE, PTFE or PP and is not removable from such materials.