tesa® Powerbond TRANSPARENT

The double-sided self-adhesive transparent and UV-resistant tape is perfect for bonding invisibly objects to indoor surfaces, even windows.

  • Ideal for glass and transparent objects
  • Crystal clear and extra-thin
  • Holds up to 2 kg 1 per 10 cm tape

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Main features

  • Ideal for glass and transparent objects
  • Crystal clear and extra-thin
  • Holds up to 2 kg 1 per 10 cm tape
  • Holds on glass, tiles, plaster, wood and most plastics
1 For flat objects up to 10 mm thick and on most smooth, sufficiently firm surfaces

Product description

tesa ® Powerbond® TRANSPARENT is designed to give a quick, secure and permanent hold on all smooth and sufficiently firm surfaces. It is crystal clear and extra thin and will stick to any suitably firm flat surface such as glass, mirrors, tiles, wood and most plastics. In good bonding conditions, a strip of just 10 cm is enough to hold a weight of up to 2 kg. Easy to use – all you need is a pair of scissors. This tape ensures a durable, reliable hold of 2 kg per 10 cm strip under optimum conditions.
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tesa ® Powerbond® TRANSPARENT is designed to give a permanent hold on transparent and solid indoor surfaces like glass. It is practically invisible.

How to apply - Step by step

1. To get the best possible bond, clean the object and the surfaces using a brush or a lint-free cloth and a silicone-free cleaner like methylated spirits. The surfaces should be dry before application.
2. Apply the tesa Powerbond® TRANSPARENT to the rougher of the two surfaces.
3. The tape should be applied in vertical strips along the full length of the object. Extra short lengths should be applied to the upper portion as that is where most of the load will be born.
4. Apply firm pressure over the entire surface of the tesa Powerbond® TRANSPARENT for at least five seconds. Take off the protective film making sure not to touch the exposed adhesive surface as this could affect the adhesion.
5. Finally, press the object into place, applying pressure for at least 5 seconds.

Scissors are all you need

tesa Powerbond® TRANSPARENT has been created for use on transparent and solid surfaces like glass. This double-sided tape gives you the chance to design your own mounting situation without tools. Under optimum conditions, a 10 cm strip can hold up to 2 kg. Perfect for surfaces like glass, windows or acrylic where drilling or hammering is not an option. Just a pair of scissors and this roll are all you need to get your objects up on the wall permanently.

How to remove

tesa Powerbond® TRANSPARENT is designed for a permanent hold - not removed. If you have to, however, tear it off carefully and parallel to the surface. You can remove any residue with tesa ® Adhesive Remover.

The tesa Powerbond® TRANSPARENT is a double-sided tape for smooth surfaces. For solutions to mount outdoors, in bathrooms and other rooms indoors, please use the tesa Powerbond® Product Finder.