tesa® Permanent Hooks METAL DESIGN WHALE-SHELL

tesa ® Permanent Hooks WHALE & SHELL METAL is a set of self-adhesive stainless steel hooks for permanent fixing in the shape of a whale and a seashell.

  • Easy to mount without drilling, screws or nails
  • Permanent fixation for light objects
  • Usable on tiles, glass, wood, plastic and a variety of other smooth surfaces 1

Order no:
Dimensions: 2 Hooks

Main features

  • Easy to mount without drilling, screws or nails
  • Permanent fixation for light objects
  • Usable on tiles, glass, wood, plastic and a variety of other smooth surfaces 1
  • High quality, brushed stainless steel
  • Simplified handling
1 Not suitable for use on styrofoam, foamed material, surfaces with non-stick coating, porous materials

Product description

tesa ® Permanent Hooks WHALE & SHELL METAL offer practical advantages with a decorative touch. They come as a set of two stainless steel towel hooks in the shape of a whale and a seashell. Equipped with a self-adhesive backing, mounting them is a fast and easy procedure. There is no need to drill any holes neither will you need any power tools or any special skills. Made for permanent adhesion, these hooks will stick lastingly on all flat an smooth materials, such as tiles, glass, plastic or wood 1 .
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You like things different, playful, decorative? Then tesa ® Permanent Hooks WHALE & SHELL METAL are exactly the right towel hooks to enhance your bathroom and keep things close at hand.

Decorative metal hooks for modern homes

tesa ® Permanent Hooks WHALE & SHELL METAL represent a classy design made of brushed stainless steel. They come in a set of two wall hooks of different design. One of them is shaped like a whale, the other one like a sea shell. Use them as towel hooks in your bathroom or to hang up any lightweight object in the hallway, kitchen or the children's rooms.

Shell shaped towel hooks your kids will love

If you have children you probably know that keeping the bathroom tidy is anything but a trivial job. Your kids will love these hooks shaped like a funny whale and a beautiful seashell. Tell them that you put them there especially for them. There are good chances that they will appreciate having their own hooks to hang up things like bath towels, wash rags and other personal hygiene utensils.

Whale shaped bathroom hook

These decorative hooks are made of high-quality materials designed for long-term functionality. They are self-adhesive hooks that do not require you to drill holes nor do you need any tools to fix them. Simply clean the surface with alcohol or any silicone-free window cleaner, remove the protective cover from the self-adhesive back of the hook and firmly press it against the wall. This will only take you a minute and you can enjoy a decorative hook for many purposes.

Towel hooks for almost any flat surface

tesa ® Permanent Hooks WHALE & SHELL METAL are typically used as bathroom hooks. But they are also versatile hooks that can be used in any other room. Their good self-adhesive backing guarantees permanent adhesion on a wide range of materials, including glass, tiles, wood, plastic and most other smooth surfaces that are sufficiently firm 1 .

1 Not suitable for use on styrofoam, foamed materials, porous materials and surfaces with non-stick coating.