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tesa® On & Off Extra Strong Strips

tesa® On & Off Extra Strong Strips are an extra strong self-adhesive hook & loop solution to organize your home and quickly fix heavy objects.

  • Practical strip form
  • For heavy objects like tools

Order no:
Dimensions: 50 mm : 100 cm

Main features

  • Practical strip form
  • For heavy objects like tools

Product description

tesa® On & Off Extra Strong Strips are self-adhesive heavy duty hook & loop strips that enable numerous applications all around the house. They are a great idea to quickly attach tools to your ladder to keep them handy while renovating your home. They are ideal to attach any heavy item to the wall while giving you the option to take it down and put it back anytime. They are simply perfect to organize all the tools of your workshop with minimum effort. Simply use these general purpose on and off strips for organizing your tools and as an easy means for better home organization.
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Did you ever waste time looking for that particular tool you put “somewhere” the last time you used it? Do you sometimes wish to have an additional hand when you are up the ladder trying to hang up a lamp? Are you still looking for that perfect system to organize your workshop? tesa® On & Off Extra Strong Strips are the smart answer for easy home organization, tool fixation and cable management.

Hook & loop strip with heavy-duty qualities

tesa® On & Off Extra Strong Strips are self-adhesive hook & loop strips that are 10 cm long and 5 cm wide. These extra strong on and off strips consist of two parts designed for perfect interaction. The hook strip features a very robust hook material made of multiple claws for superior holding power. Its counterpart is made from special fleece material. Both strips are equipped with a self-adhesive backing offering strong adhesion on tools, walls or any other sufficiently flat surface.

Organizing tools in home and office

tesa® On & Off Extra Strong Strips are the perfect solution for smart and easy home organization. Use them in your workshop to keep even heavy power tools on display and ready for action. Attach them to kitchen and office walls to keep office utensils and household accessories within easy reach. Stick them to your ladder to hold all those tools you need to have at hand when working overhead.

Home organization the easy way

tesa® On & Off Extra Strong Strips are not only strong on and off strips for solid and reliable attachment. They are also allow you to easily attach things, take them off and reattach them thousands of times. Use these general purpose strips to give tools, household appliances and office equipment a dedicated place in your home where you can quickly grab them and put them back without any extra efforts.