tesa® Office Notes

tesa® Office Notes are sticky notes for labelling, marking, reminding. They come in five different sizes and are equipped for easy attachment and removal.

  • Office Notes for easy, individual labelling and marking
  • In a descreet shade of yellow for good legibility
  • Good adhesion

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Main features

  • Office Notes for easy, individual labelling and marking
  • In a descreet shade of yellow for good legibility
  • Good adhesion
  • Easy to remove
  • Solvent-free
  • Good paper quality

Product description

Everybody knows them and no office can really do without them. tesa® Office Notes are universal helpers that do not only come in handy for easy labelling and marking. They are also ideal to remind you of an important appointment, leave an absence message while you are not at your desk or pass a quick note to a colleague. You can select between five different sizes and 4 colours– all of them equipped with a self-adhesive backing for reliable attachment and easy removal.
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Nobody can keep everything in mind. That's why we use those little yellow stickies that help us to remember. They are ideal to add notes to documents. They make us aware of things we want to keep in mind. They help to organize the paperwork and simply make life easier. tesa® Office Notes are part of that tradition. They always come in handy and are practical helpers both at home and in the office.

Sticky notes in five sizes

Office work has a variety of aspects. That's why tesa® Office Notes are available in five different sizes. Some are ideal for labelling and marking. Others are perfect helpers for document processing. And there are those that are always ready to send a message to someone, make others aware of something and help oneself to not forget those important things in life.

Easy to attach, even easier to remove

tesa® Office Notes are practical stickies can carry both temporary reminders or permanent notes. You can attach them to a document and be sure it will still be there if you refer to it way in the future. You can remove them as soon as they have served their purpose. You will always be able to rely on their good adhesion and rest assured that you can remove them anytime without leaving traces.

The practical way to catch attention

Tesa® Office Notes come in a discreet shade of yellow that will stand out from all the paperwork covering your desk. This makes them practical reminders that you will not be able to overlook easily. But they also stand out for their good legibility and are made of good quality paper for easy writing with any pen or pencil. Not to forget their solvent-free self-adhesive coating that makes them safe even in the hands of children.