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tesa® Mounting Tape for Tiles & Metal

Mounting Tape for Tiles and Metal is a permanent way to mount in damp rooms like bathrooms. It reliably holds mirrors and other objects of up to 4mm thick.

  • For smooth and solid surfaces like tiles indoors
  • Suitable for damp rooms like bathrooms
  • Specially suitable for mirrors and objects up to 4mm thick

Order no:

Main features

  • For smooth and solid surfaces like tiles indoors
  • Suitable for damp rooms like bathrooms
  • Specially suitable for mirrors and objects up to 4mm thick
  • For permanent applications

Product description

tesa® Mounting Tape for Tiles and Metal has been specifically developed for mounting mirrors and other thin objects (up to 4mm thick) on solid and smooth surfaces like tiles, metal and most plastics, even in damp environments like bathrooms. It even compensates for minor surface irregularities. It is easy and convenient to use – you don’t need any tools other than a pair of scissors – and ensures a durable and reliable hold.
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tesa® Mounting Tape for Tiles & Metal is a double-sided tape made to give a permanent hold of objects up to 4mm depth on smooth and solid indoor surfaces like tiles – and it’s especially suited for mirrors even in damp environments like bathrooms and kitchens.

How to apply – Step by step

1. To ensure the best possible bond, use silicone-free alcohol or window cleaner to make sure both your surface and object are free of dust and grease. Ensure the surface is dry again before application.
2. Check if the surface or the object is rougher and apply the mounting tape to rougher one. Apply the tape in vertical strips that correspond to the full length of the object. Reinforce the upper portion with shorter strips, since that’s where the majority of the load will be born.
3. Press down firmly over the entire surface of the Mounting Tape for at least five seconds.
4. Remove the protective foil from the double-sided adhesive tape, taking care not to touch the exposed adhesive surface as this could affect the adhesion.
5. Position the object and press it again firmly at least five seconds.

The flexible way to wall-mount on tiles

tesa® Mounting Tape for Tiles & Metal has been specially developed for use on smooth and solid surfaces like tiles. It offers the opportunity to design your own mounting situation without tools, even in humid or damp environments like bathrooms and kitchens, and it’s ideal for surfaces where drilling is problematic. You don’t need any tools (other than a pair of scissors). The roll is all you need to get your mirrors and items up to 4mm thick on the wall, permanently.

The double-sided adhesive tape from tesa® was developed especially for the attachment of mirrors. It is designed to work in damp conditions so it works well as a bathroom mirror Mounting Tape and to mount other flat objects permanently and reliably.

How to remove

Since the mounting tape is designed for a permanent hold, it is not made to be removed. If you have to remove it, though, use a cutting wire to cut the foam core and then tear off the remaining portion. Removal may damage the surface and leave a residue.

For solutions to mounting on glass, wood, wallpaper, plaster and other surfaces, please use the Product Finder and refer to our other tesa® Smart Mounting Solutions.
Not suitable for any non-stick materials.