tesa® Mini Glue Roller ecologo®

  • Strong adhesion for paper, cardboard and photos
  • Fast, hassle-free & clean application
  • Very smooth functionality due to rolling tip

Order no:
Dimensions: 6m x 5mm

Main features

  • Strong adhesion for paper, cardboard and photos
  • Fast, hassle-free & clean application
  • Very smooth functionality due to rolling tip
  • Protective cap
  • Tape length: 6m, tape width: 5mm
  • Tear-resistant tape
  • Small & attractive design: fits in every pencil case
  • Part of the tesa ecoLogo® family:
  • Housing: 100% recycled plastic
  • Glue Tape: solvent free
  • Packaging: 80% recycled cardboard

Product description

The new tesa Mini Glue Roller ecoLogo® comes in handy when paper or cardboard needs to be glued. Due to its small size it is convenient to take with you to school, university or when traveling. The protective cap prevents damages to the tip of the roller.

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