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tesa® Masking Tape Perfect

The tesa® Masking Tape Perfect is a high-quality painters tape made for do-it-yourself wall painting with professional results like perfectly sharp paint edges

  • Very tear-proof
  • Indoors removable without residues within 14 days
  • Suitable for all common paints and varnishes

Order no:

Main features

  • Very tear-proof
  • Indoors removable without residues within 14 days
  • Suitable for all common paints and varnishes
  • Solvent-free
  • Consists of 48% renewable primary products

Product description

The tesa® Masking Tape Perfect marks the top class among the do-it-yourself painters tapes. It is simply the best painters tape wherever sharp paint edges are a must and paint seeping under the tape must be avoided by all means. The highly tear-proof tape is made of a special uncreped Washi paper that not only consists of 48% renewable raw materials. It is also extremely flat and offers perfect adhesion especially on smooth surfaces. After the paint has dried, the masking tape can be removed easily within 14 days without leaving any visible traces.
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Painting is not only about taking a roller to transfer paint onto a wall. It's primarily about making it look perfect. It's about sharp paint edges, either on the wall or around door and window frames. Its about a result that looks professional although you did it yourself. tesa® Masking Tape Perfect will greatly help you to achieve such results.

Masking tape for smooth surfaces

Especially around doors and windows you want to see a precise transition between the frame and the wall you painted. tesa® Masking Tape Perfect will take care of that. This professional-quality painters tape offers excellent adhesion especially on smooth surfaces, such as wood, glass or any lacquered materials.

Sharp paint edges guaranteed

The tesa® Masking Tape Perfect is one of the best masking tapes available. It is made of an extremely thin yet highly tear-resistant Washi paper. But most of all it is an uncreped paper that closely attaches to the surface without allowing any paint to seep under the tape. This means, you can count on perfectly sharp paint edges that will give your paint job a professional look.

A versatile masking tape for any paint job

With the tesa® Masking Tape Perfect you have the right kind of painters tape for just about any situation. The tape is available in three widths and able to mask anything you want to keep free from paint. Simply get a roll of 19, 30 and 50 mm wide tape and you are ready for any situation requiring precise masking for clearly defined paint edges.

Good adhesion and easy removal

While the tesa® Masking Tape Perfect offers excellent adhesion on all smooth surfaces, it can be pulled off easily without leaving any traces. The one-sided self-adhesive coating of the tape will reliably keep it in position and leaves you up to 2 weeks time to remove it. So let the paint dry and reward yourself with precisely sharp edges either on the wall or around doors and windows and at any other point where you want the painted section to end.

Environment friendly tape for easy disposal

Naturally, a painters tape only serves its purpose for a short time before it will be disposed of. The tesa® Masking Tape Perfect is an environment friendly painters tape. It is not only made from 48% renewable raw materials. It is also equipped with a self-adhesive coating free from any toxic solvents.