tesa® Masking Tape CLASSIC PRO NATURE

Combining eco-friendly aspects with superior performance, this painters tape belongs to the premium class among the tesa ® line of general masking tapes

  • Residue-free removal for up to 10 days after use indoors
  • Suitable for all paints
  • 100% free from bleaching agents

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Main features

  • Residue-free removal for up to 10 days after use indoors
  • Suitable for all paints
Environmental aspects:
  • 100% free from bleaching agents
  • 60% bio-based material
  • Solvent-free natural rubber adhesive
  • 80% recycled cardboard

Product description

tesa ® Masking Tape Classic Pro Nature not only offers eco-friendly product qualities, such as recycled cardboard and an emphasis on environment-friendly raw materials. This premium-quality masking tape also offers superior performance like excellent adhesion and residue-free removal in indoor applications. It is a professional-quality painters tape that also helps ambitioned do-it-yourself painters to achieve perfect masking for excellent results.
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tesa ® Masking Tape Classic Pro Nature combines environment-friendly product characteristics with superior performance, making it a premium-quality masking tape that truly stands out. In its class it is the preferred choice of professionals and a highly appreciated alternative for eco-conscious do-it-yourself painters.

Environmental friendly painters-tape

A major sign indicating a professional paint job are clean paint edges along the baseboards, as well as door frames and window panes. Using tesa ® Masking Tape Classic Pro Nature you can select between a width of either 38 mm or 25 mm to achieve best results in a wide variety of different applications. This superior painters tape offers good adhesion on almost all flat surfaces and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

Sustainable masking tape

If you are looking for a sustainable masking tape that allows environment-friendly renovation while helping you to get your paint job done quickly and efficiently, tesa ® Masking Tape Classic Pro Nature is the right choice. This eco-friendly masking tape is free from bleaching agents and consists mainly of bio-based material. The packaging is made of 80% recycled cardboard, while the adhesive coating consists of solvent-free natural rubber.

Easy application and trouble-free removal

tesa ® Masking Tape Classic Pro Nature not only sticks reliably on most flat surfaces typical of residential environments. It is also compatible with all types of paint. Plus it can be removed easily after the paint has dried. tesa ® even guarantees residue-free removal for indoor applications, if the tape is taken off the wall within a period of 10 days.